Delicious Sparkling Temperance Drinks

Visitors sample the naturally carbonated waters at Saratoga Springs, New York in the early 1900s.

A timeline of imporant dates in the soda pop world

1767 - Jacob Priestly invents method for artificially carbonating water

1869 - Dr. Brown's Celery Tonic first served in New York

1873 - Hiram Codd patents a soda bottle sealed with a marble

1874 - William John Barritt establishes general store and begins making ginger beer in Hamilton, Bermuda

1876 - Moxie Nerve Food created by Dr. Augustin Thompson in Lowell, Massachusetts

1878 - Juan Fioravanti begins selling sodas in Guayaquil, Ecuador

1884 - Pharmacist Alexander Sims bottles "mabu soda" ramune drinks in Kobe, Japan

1885 - Pharmacist John Pemberton first bottles his "French Wine of Coca" in Atlanta, Georgia

1885 - Charles Alderton creates Dr. Pepper in Waco, Texas

1889 - Angelo Abbondia opens his "Premiata Fabbrica Bibite Gassate" in Tortona, Italy

1901 - Irn-Bru created by pharmacist Robert Barr in Scotland

1902 - Pepsi-Cola trademarked by pharmacist Caleb Bingham

1904 - Posada & Tobón begins selling Kola Champaña in Medellín, Colombia

1905 - John James McLaughlin patents Canada Dry Pale Ginger Ale

1907 - Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works (later renamed Faygo) opens in Detroit

1908 - Vimto Fruit Cordial created by John Noel Nichols in Manchester, England

1910 - Julmust invented by pharmacist Harry Roberts in Örebro, Sweden

1912 - Popular flavor created by Posada & Tobón

1917 - Ironbeer first sold in Havana cafeterias

1918 - Nong Wing establishes the Manila Aerated Water Factory

1919 - Calpis invented by Kaiun Mishima in Japan

1921 - Colombiana brand created

1922 - Royal Tru-Orange created by San Miguel brewery in The Philippines

1928 - Charles Lieper Grigg creates Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda, now known as 7-Up

1928 - Kirin Brewery creates Kirin Lemon in Yokohama, Japan

1932 - Sanpellegrino mineral water creates Aranciata flavor

1935 - Joseph Robinson Lindley starts selling Inca Kola in Peru

1936 - Bottler Baglar Gazoz established in Safranbolu, Turkey

1938 - Barrilitos established in Monterrey, Mexico

1940 - Fanta created in Germany by Max Keith

1947 - Chapparitas non-carbonated fruit sodas sold under the name El Naranjo

1950 - Chilsung Cider is first soft drink bottled in Korea

1950 - Hey Song Sarsaparilla created by Wen-chi Chang in Taiwan

1950 - Pakola Ice Cream Soda created by Haji Ali Muhammed in Karachi, Pakistan

1950 - Postobón Naranja flavor introduced in Colombia

1950 - Sanpellegrino adds Chinotto and Limonata to its product line

1951 - Cervecería Polar in Caracas, Venezuela begins selling Malta Polar

1952 - Postobón Manzana flavor introduced in Colombia

1955 - Cidona created by Bulmers Ltd. cider brewery in Clonmell, Ireland

1958 - Gassosa Verde created by Abbondia

1960 - Electra Breweries (later renamed Bundaberg) opens in Bundaberg, Australia

1965 - Apple Sidra first bottled in Taiwan

1966 - Appletiser created by Edmond Lombardi in South Africa

1970 - Cheon Yeon Cider flavored mineral water first bottled in Korea

1975 - Limca and Thums Up are created to replace Coca-cola brands after bottling plants in India are nationalized

1980 - Quintuples sodas created by Tesalia Spring Co. in Ecuador

1982 - Rubicon Passionade created by Naresh Nagrecha and Vishram Vekaria

1987 - Kristian Regale sparkling apple soda created

1988 - Al Ahram Brewery in Cairo launches Fayrouz malt beverages

1989 - Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co. releases Milkis in Korea

1991 - Hellena Bottling opens in post-communist Kalisz, Poland

1993 - Functional drink Bikkle created by Suntory

1994 - OK Soda released in test markets by Coca-cola

1997 - Bomba energy drinks created in Linz, Austria

1999 - Laziza Brewery in Lebanon reopens and begins selling Laziza non-alcoholic malt beverage

2000 - Almaza malt beverage introduced by Almaza Brewery

2002 - Carabao Energy Drink created in Bangkok, Thailand

2008 - Lurisia mineral water creates Chinotto and other flavors for the new Eataly supermarket

2013 - Omi's Apfelstrudel created in Leoben, Austria