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Apple Sidra - 打西蘋果


Apple Sidra

12 oz. can

2.88 g sugar / oz.


Oceanic Beverages was established in 1963 with help from Taiwanese expat investors in the Phillippines and United States. Apple Sidra first made it off the bottling line in 1965. Through the 1970s the brand grew in sales and popularity. In 1981 the bottler was one of the first in Asia to use two-piece can technology imported from the U.S. rather than the less-reliable three-piece aluminum cans.

Apple Sidra is made without preservatives or artificial flavors. An unrelated apple soda made in Saudi Arabia by Al-Amoudi Beverage Industries and in Pakistan by Gul Bottlers is also called Apple Sidra.


A crisp and light beverage. It has an apple flavor, but its not an apple cider. Its more like a light sparkling citrus drink like 7up or Sprite. But the apple flavor adds a nice soft edge where the usual lemon-lime drink can be a bit harsh or overly sweet.

This drink is crisp & sweet with dusty apple skin flavors, kind of subtle and enticing additions to the flavor. Overall it is mellow and juicy, a refreshing drink.

fizz 3

refreshment 4

score 4

sweetness 4

flavor 3


Carbonated water, fructose, sugar, concentrated apple essence, citric acid.

Made by

Oceanic Beverages Co. Inc
No. 99, Section 3, Chongyang Rd,
Taiwan 241

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