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Chaparritas Naranjo


Chapparitas Naranjo

224 mL bottle

3.04 g sugar / oz.


In 1937 Manuel Gómez Cosío established a small business in Mexico City to produce pineapple juice. Ten years later the company bottled non-carbonated fruit juice drinks under the name "El Naranjo", but consumers nicknamed the drinks "shorties" due to the squat shape of the bottle. Therefore in 1953 the drinks were renamed "Chaparritas" on the label. In 1957 the company was renamed Mezgo, an anagram of Gómez.


The flavor of this one seems a little too harsh. It tastes like a melted popsicle and nothing more. It has just enough tangerine flavor to be identified as a tangerine or orange, but none of the refreshment or thirst-quenching of the real fruit. The absence of carbonation sets it behind other orange sodas.

If you close you eyes and don't look at the bright color, it tastes like a mild grape juice. The drink needs the electric orange color to convince you which fruit you are tasting!

fizz 0

refreshment 1

score 1

sweetness 2

flavor 1


Purified water, sugar, natural gum, citric acid, artificial colors (contains FD&C Yellow No. 6 and FD&C Red No. 40), natural flavors, vegetal brominade oil and 0.04% sodium benzoate (as preservative).

Made by

Mezgo S.A de C.V
Calzado de Tialpan No. 3222
Mexico City

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