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330 mL can


Cidona was created in 1955 as a non-alcoholic apple soda by Bulmers Ltd., a producer of hard cider, at its Irish location in Clonmel, Tipperary. The drink is the top-selling apple soda in Ireland.

In 2007 the brand was sold to Britvic plc. Since then the drink has become hard to find and no longer maintains a website.


A sour apple fizzy taste sprinkled with sugar on top. It's a little like apple cider but not as rich or caramel flavored. This is lighter but still sort of overly sweetened. It has a slight dry or bitter edge to it but leaves behind a sweetness on the tongue and sadly, a remnant of bitter saccharine.

Its not bad as a soda, but not really inspiring or uplifting as a genuine sparkling apple cider would be. It's pretty mellow with a dry body & sweet aftertaste. Not so appley as you might expect, just the light sugary dustiness of apples, not the sweet juice. I can't decide if its a dry flavor or sweet, a bit of both if that's possible. Its bitter edge is almost like mineral water.

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Carbonated water, sugar, apple juice (3%), citric acid, preservative (benzoic acid), artificial sweetener (saccharin), colour (quinoline yellow, carmoisine).

Made by

Britvic Ireland
Kylemore Park West
Dublin 10