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Bomba Black Currant Energy Drink

Hungary / Austria

Bomba Black Currant

250 mL bottle

3.60 g sugar / oz.


Bomba energy drink was first created in Linz, Austria in 1997, although the brand later moved its headquarters to Budapest, Hungary. The grenade-shaped bottle with a pull-tab cap is a clever and award-winning design.

In Hungary the drink is in stiff competition to Hell Energy drink. After new laws were passed taxing junk foods and energy drinks in 2011, the recipe for the beverage was changed to lower its sugar and caffeine, thus avoiding the higher tax rate. With a similar caffeine level to a cola, Bomba could perhaps no longer be considered an energy drink but instead a fruit-flavored cola.


A rich blueberry / black currant smell and the color is deep and rich as well. But the taste, whoa! Its flavorful but so sour and tart that its difficult to drink. This is not for quenching your thirst: don't drink it too fast!

It's shriveling my tongue. I'm not sure I find this an enjoyable drink, though I appreciate the well-crafted juicy grape-like flavor.

The shape of the bottle is most appropriate as it is like a little hand grenade of flavor on my tongue. Its a stimulating wake-up of a drink, if simply from the sour tongue workout inside my mouth.

fizz 2

refreshment 4

score 3

sweetness 3

flavor 5


Water, sugar, acidifier citic acid, carbonic acid, colouring E-150d (caramel colour), acidifier phosphoric acid, taurine, caffeine, Vitamin C, niacin, flavouring, pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6

Made by

Bomba! Energy Drink Kft.
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