Delicious Sparkling Temperance Drinks




500 mL bottle

3.13 g sugar / oz.



Robert Barr had been in the soft drink business since the 1880s, selling a variety of carbonated lemonades, sarsaparilla and other drinks. In 1901 he began created Iron-Brew, which quickly became the company's most popular beverage.

After the suspending production during World War II, the drink reentered the market with a new name: Irn-Bru. It remains the most popular soft drink in Scotland, sold from fountains in restaurants as well as in returnable glass bottles.


This smells like a champagne cola from Latin America. And it tastes pretty similar too. Its not so creamy or full flavored as those champagne colas, however, and definitely not as gooey sweet. Instead it has a sort of rust flavor that cuts through any cream soda aromas which might be here.

Its not very sweet as sodas go, and after a few sips the sugar flavors seem to melt away leaving only soda water and iron flavor.

Irn-Bru is not strong flavored, or very rich, which seems unexpected considering its reputation as a hearty, strong brew. I kind of assumed this would be more strongly flavored, harsh or bitter as befits its name and reputation. But it does have caffeine, and a mild metallic rust flavor that makes it somewhat energizing. Not especially interesting as a flavor, but not a bad drink.

fizz 2

refreshment 3

score 3

sweetness 2

flavor 2


Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, sodium benzoate (preservative), caffeine, ferric ammonium citrate, FD&C Yellow No. 6.

Made by

A.G. Barr p.l.c.
Glasgow G31 4DS