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Quintuples Piña


Quintuples Piña

355 mL bottle



A visit to Thessaly, Greece in the 1880s prompted Mrs. Eugenia Klinger to make use of artesian springs on her property south of Quito on the lower slopes of Cotopaxi volcano. The naturally carbonated mineral water was first bottled in 1909. A German mineral water expert visiting the area pronounced the spring "gütig" or "pleasant" much to the amusement of everyone, and the phrase became the name of the bottled water Güitig. The water was first sold in heavy champagne-like bottles distributed by mule and later train to hotels and restaurants across Ecuador.

In 1980 the company began selling Quintuples soda pops made from Güitig naturally carbonated water with added sweeteners and flavoring.


Smells much better than it tastes. My first impression is that it is really salty. There isn't much pineapple flavor, it isn't very sweet. Its made by Güitig, just sugar and flavors added to their mineral water, which explains the salty, alkaline flavor of this drink.

I suppose that could make for a healthy, invigorating drink, but as a soda this is depressing. Pineapple and mineral water do not go well together. Pineapple should be soothing, cool and refreshing, not salty and bitter like this drink. Ugh. I couldn't even finish a small bottle.

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Made by

The Tesalia Spring Company
Pujilí 123 y Teodoro Gómez de la Torre