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Almaza - ألماظة



280 mL bottle


Almaza means "diamond" in Arabic. The Almaza began brewing lager beer in 1933, the second-oldest beer maker in Lebanon after Laziza. In 1960 the brewery made a big expansion in the Lebanese market after forming a partnership with Dutch brewer Amstel and grew to become the most popular beer in Lebanon. After Laziza closed in 1990, it was the only brewery in the country.

After Laziza returned to production in 1999, a bitter sales battle raged between the two brewers. In 2002, Almaza was acquired by multi-national Heineken, and the following year the conglomerate purchased Laziza, ending the competition.

In 2000, Almaza brewery began selling non-alcoholic malt beverages. After acquiring Laziza brands in 2003, the company produces both brands of malt beverage which have become increasingly popular throughout the Middle East.


A sour hoppy apple cider, it tastes almost like a hard cider. But of course it is not alcoholic, as the label makes clear.

This malt beverage blends the sour hops and sweet apple so much better than the Fayrouz apple malt soda. Here the apple taste is clean and crisp. Not as pure tasting as a 100% apple cider like Appletiser, but it is fresh and light nonetheless.

This really is a refreshing drink, effervescent with a mellow apple flavor that becomes more thirst-quenching with each sip. I like it.

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Water, malt, hops, sugar, citric acid, natural apple flavour.

Made by

Brasserie Almaza s.a.l.
Dora Boulevard, Bauchrieh, Beirut
P.O.Box : 90-240
Jdeidet El Metn 1202 2020