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Kreuzbär Fassbrause mit Koffein


Barritt's Ginger Beer

330 mL bottle



I've never had a "Fassbrause" before so don't know what to expect. It has caffeine, is it a cola? Its made with malt, does it taste like a Malta soda?

Instead of my imaginings, it's not a strong flavored soda. Instead it's more like a mineral water with citrusy light flavoring. It'd be refreshing on a hot day, I think.

The herbs and licorice flavor are pretty subtle. It's not a medicinal herbal root beer flavor but more like a citrusy Sprite: light and crisp and clean. More dry than sweet, like an elderflower brew.

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Zutaten: Wasser, brauner Rohrohrzucker, Zitronen- und Apfelsaftkonzentrat, Gerstenmalz- und Süßholzwurzelextract, Kräuteraroma, Kohlensäure, Aroma Koffein

Carbonated water, brown sugar, lemon juice and apple juice concentrate, barley malt and licorice root extract, herbal extract, caffeine flavor.

Made by

Kreuzbär UG
Graefestr. 71
10967 Berlin Kreuzberg