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300 mL bottle


Fióravanti, or "Fióra" as it is popularly known, is one of the oldest surviving soda pop brands. Company lore places its founding at 1878, though the earliest documentation in the the newspaper La Nacion dates from 1881. The company was founded by Italian immigrant Juan F. Fioravanti in the Astillero neighborhood of Guayaquil. A fire demolished the plant in 1901 but Fioravanti rebuilt and started again. A photo from 1910 shows a corner of the bare-bones bottling plant with the Fioravanti family.

The company purchased a larger bottling plant from a competitor in 1912 and continued producing several soft drink flavors for the local market. The operation was sold to businessman Francisco Calderón, who later sold it to the José Peré Abenoza in 1940. Under the fifty-year ownership of José Peré and later his son Luis Peré Cabanas, the company modernized its bottling plants and distribution networks, expanding to become a nationally-known favorite.

Finally in 1991 the brand was sold to a conglomerate run by the fruit export magnate Luis Naboa, and ultimately came under the control of the Coca-Cola corporation which manufacturers the drink at its local bottling plants run by the Mexican bottler Arca Continental as well as at bottling plants in Spain where the drink is popular with Ecuadorian expats.


A cotton-candy strawberry, that's how this drink first strikes me. The taste isn't so much of a particular fruit as I expected from the strawberry smell. It is a clean taste, not overboard on sweetness but kind of blank, mostly the flavor of soda water and salt.

The excitement is in the cotton-candy smell which is like a cream soda or champagne kola aroma, plus a cherry or strawberry fruit smell. The mild flavor reminds me of a cherry phosphate, just a bit of fruit syrup in a lot of soda water.

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Agua carbonatada, azúcar, acidulante (ácido cítrico), saborizantes artificiales, preservante (benzoato de sodio), regulador de acidez (citrato de sodio), colorante (Rojo #40)

Carbonated water, sugar, acidulant (citric acid), artificial flavorings, preservative (sodium benzoate), acidity regulator (sodium citrate), colorant (Red # 40)

Made by

Arca Ecuador S.A.