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Bağlar Gazoz



200 mL bottle


Turkey was once home to over 600 small bottlers of soft drinks. Bağlar Soda is one of the oldest brands in Turkey, established in 1936 in the northern city of Safranbolu. After a change in ownership in 1978 the bottling plant moved to the outskirts of the city. For many years the company produced only lemon and orange flavored sodas, but recently has begun adding other fruit flavors in hopes of increasing exports.

Here's a vintage ad for Bağlar Gazoz and tour of a bottling plant. Bağlar içiniz!

Bağlar Gazoz from Burak on Vimeo.


This is a crisp citrus beverage, much like Sprite or 7-Up, but it tastes less sticky-sweet than those mainstream sodas. It is sweet, but not a gooey sweet. Instead the sugar washes easily off the tongue and the aftertaste is more like a mineral water.

Citrus with a faint flavor of vanilla. Quite clean and refreshing.

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Su, Seker, CO2, Asitligi düzenleyici (Sitrik asit), Dogala özdes Limon aromasi, Koruyucu madde (Sodyum Benzoat).

Sugar, water, CO2, acidity regulator (citric acid), nature identical aroma of lemon, preservative (sodium benzoate).

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