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Aqua Libra


Aqua Libra

250 mL bottle

1.51 g sugar / oz.


Aqua Libra was created by British food giant Grand Metropolitan in 1986 with a low-key product launch that suggested the drink was a sophisticated Swiss import. It was one of the first "new age" soft drinks, made from spring water flavored with natural fruit juices and herbs with purported pharmeceutical benefits. The name of the brand was inspired by the slightly alkaline pH balance of the drink, in contrast with the acidic recipes of most soda pops. Many customers enjoyed the drink's antacid qualities to help settle upset stomachs.

The drink was popular initially with health-conscious celebrities, and with an exclusive cachet due to its high retail price. Due to high manufacturing costs and declining revenue the brand was sold to Orchid Drinks in 1994, which was later acquired by the Britvic holding company in 2000. Aqua Libra disappeared quietly in 2008. It is another interesting soft drink now exiled to the Island of Forgotten Flavors.


Appley. Slightly fermented tasting. Seems like it has apple peels and stems in it as well.

Aha! now I see that this has sesame seeds and sunflower seeds in it, that is the odd flavor. The nuts and spices kind of dull the sweet and keep it from being really refreshing. Its more like a savory pie than a sweet-tasting fruit drink.

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Fruit juices from concentrate 54% (apple, grape, passionfruit, melon), carbonated spring water 45%, malic acid, flavouring, botanical extracts (sesame seed, sunflower seed, tarragon).

Made by

Orchid Drinks Ltd.
Broomfield Road
Chelmsford, Essex ,CM1 1TU England