Delicious Sparkling Temperance Drinks


I don't know if this should even be considered a soft drink. Its really just a non-alcoholic beer, but it was for sale with all the other sodas at a local Lebanese market. Laziza is a brewery that makes regular beer too, but if you're an observant Lebanese muslim then this is your non-alcoholic beer-like drink.

Considered as a soft drink its really not bad. It has a distinct beer aroma, but the taste is light and effervescent, not strong at all. Its almost like a mineral water with the aftertaste of toasted malt and hops. It really doesn't have much taste beyond that.

fizz 3
refreshment 3
score 3
sweetness 3
flavor 1


Water, malted barley, maize, hops.

Made by

Khawam Marketing Group
Allenby Street, Khawam Bldg 2nd floor

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