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Yan Wo Drink


Yan Wo Drink

250 mL can

0.67 g sugar / oz.



I pour this drink with some trepidation. Its a viscous beverage, clear with translucent chunks suspended in it. Looks a lot like Orbitz without the bright colors. Hmm.

The taste is a lot like White Gourd Drink, a cane sugar and iron well water flavor. The drink itself doesn't have much flavor (though I am glad there are no bird or feather flavors in here!) Mostly it has texture, a soothing aloe-like thick liquid, easy on the palate, with slurpable nibbles along the way. My main objection to it is that sweet but bitter well water taste that just can't be avoided when sipping it.

Very little flavor, an interesting texture, but the metallic aftertaste makes this not very enjoyable.

fizz 0

refreshment 2

score 1

sweetness 4

flavor 1


Rock sugar, hashima, bird's nest, tremella.

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Imported by:
Strong International Trading Corp.
4-85 48th Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101