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Bebida de Sabila con Pulpa

Korea / USA

Bebida de Sabila

8 oz. can

3.13 g sugar / oz.



This is one of a number of Korean beverages marketed to a Hispanic market, mostly aloe juices and energy drinks.

Hmm. This is grape-flavored aloe vera. I suppose there might be some real grape juice in here, but it tastes pretty artificial, like those corn syrup sweetened fruit "cocktail" juices next to the cartons of orange juice at the grocery store.

But the aloe vera saves the day, each gelatinous chunk of leaf adding far more freshness and soothing flavor than any of the fake grape flavor.

Altogether it is a cooling & soothing drink. It refreshes the palate with clean smooth flavor. If they'd just get rid of that harsh artificial grape flavor this drink would be a real winner!

fizz 0

refreshment 4

score 3

sweetness 2

flavor 2


Filtered water, high fructose corn syrup, aloe vera gel, sugar, maltodextrin, citric acid, calcium lactate, artificial flavors, dextrin, ascorbic acid, gellagun, trisodium citrate.

Made by

Win Soon, Inc. DBA Epoca