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Peanut Punch


Peanut Punch

10 oz. bottle

4.30 g sugar / oz.



Peanut Punch is a popular drink in Jamaica and Trinidad, made from peanut butter blended with milk and sugar. Various recipes add nutmeg, cinnamon, condensed milk, oats or granola, carageenan, even Guinness beer. Like Irish Moss, the drink is thought to have aphrodisiac qualities and provide energy.

Here's a very shaky video of the International Juice bottling line in action. Before the labels are adhered to the bottles, it's difficult to tell what specific thick brown liquid is inside, perhaps Peanut Punch or Irish Moss:


Thick and gooey this pours into the glass. Smells like peanut butter, and that's pretty much what it tastes like too, a peanut butter milk shake more specifically. Its a very simple beverage to look at the ingredient list, and it tastes fresh and clean. Just peanuts and milk and carrageenan to give it body & slipperiness.

This is a hearty drink, cool and refreshing, but also thick and filling. Its not a perky light thing but a drink for soothing a parched tongue with its rich flavor.

fizz 0

refreshment 3

score 4

sweetness 3

flavor 4


Water, peanut butter, sugar, milk solids, carrageenan, salt, spices.

Made by

Sunfresh International Juice
149 Wilkinson Rd
Brampton Ontario L6T 4X1