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Magnum Irish Moss


Magnum Irish Moss

10 oz. bottle

4.30 g sugar / oz.



Irish moss is a red algae that grows in low-tide areas on rocky coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, also known as carrageenan, for the Irish town Carragheen. It is used as a gelling agent in cosmetics, a thickener in ice creams and soy milk, a cattle feed, as an anti-inflammatory medicine, a clarifier in beer brewing. In the Caribbean it is often mixed with sugar, milk, rum and nutmeg to make a quenching drink that is rumored to have aphrodisiac qualities.

Here's a very shaky video of the International Juice bottling line in action. Before the labels are adhered to the bottles, it's difficult to tell what specific thick brown liquid is inside, perhaps Peanut Punch or Irish Moss:


This drink is kind of starchy smelling. And the flavor is starchy too. Its thicker & gooier than Big Bamboo Irish Moss. Its got nutmeg and some cinnamon to give it flavor, and of course there is milk and some sulfury sea water carrageenan flavor.

But mostly its the starchy, bland oat flavor that dominates. And peanut butter, which leaves a thin coating of oil on the roof of my mouth and back of my tongue, a nice nutty aftertaste.

Still, I prefer the Big Bamboo Irish Moss, its more frothy, light and exciting. This drink, by contrast, is kind of heavy and starchy.

fizz 0

refreshment 3

score 3

sweetness 3

flavor 4


Water, milk solids, sugar, natural Irish moss concentrate, peanuts, oats, salt, spices.

Made by

Sunfresh International Juice
149 Wilkinson Rd
Brampton Ontario L6T 4X1