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Zesto Calamansi Soda


So what is a calamansi? It smells delicious... and tastes pretty good too. Its citrusy, like a lime but more exciting. The smell is like a lemon with more rounded flavor than sharp tang. The taste has more of a sour note than the smell, like a lime or lemon or grapefruit.

Mmm, this is refreshing, like a lemonade with more flavor.

fizz 4
refreshment 5
score 5
sweetness 3
flavor 5


Carbonated water, refined sugar, natural calamansi extract, citric acid, honey, flavors, vitamin C, sodium benzoate (preservative), and sodium citrate.

Made by

Zesto Corporation
874 EDSA
Kalookan City, MM Philippines

Copyright 2006 Matt Bergstrom