Delicious Sparkling Temperance Drinks

Malta Polar

Hmmm... very malty! This is a hearty brew, thick, malty. Barley. Its sweet & light enough, but sooo malty. This is real liquid bread.

Its such a contrasting flavor that my tongue is confused & a bit put off. The carbonation does make it an uplifting beverage and I like the various flavors of molasses, sour hops & nutty barley.

But I'm not sure I really like it, I guess its an acquired taste. I'm just not fully excited by malt drinks.

fizz 2
refreshment 3
score 3
sweetness 4
flavor 4


Water, malted barley, sugar, hops, carbon dioxide.

Made by

Cervecería Polar C.A.
Centro Empresarial Polar, 4ta
Los Cortijos de Lourdes
Caracas Venezuela

Copyright 2005 Matt Bergstrom