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Zest-O Calamansi Soda


Zest-O Calamansi

330 mL can

3.41 g sugar / oz.



So what is a calamansi? It smells delicious... and tastes pretty good too. Its citrusy, like a lime but more exciting. The smell is like a lemon with more rounded flavor than sharp tang. The taste has more of a sour note than the smell, like a lime or lemon or grapefruit.

Mmm, this is refreshing, like a lemonade with more flavor.

fizz 4

refreshment 5

score 5

sweetness 3

flavor 5


Carbonated water, refined sugar, natural calamansi extract, citric acid, honey, flavors, vitamin C, sodium benzoate (preservative), and sodium citrate.

Made by

Zest-O Corporation
874 EDSA
Kalookan City, MM