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Watson's Sarsae - 屈臣氏沙士


Watson's Sarsae

345 mL can



A nice frothy smoothness on the first sip but after that it's a dusty cinnamon & anise flavor. It's got a dry bitterness, so it's not juicy or thirst-quenching. Instead the drink is sort of thirst-inducing. It pulls the moisture from your mouth rather than replenishing it!

This is a strong flavor, not watered down, but I'm finding it more two-dimensional rather than especially interesting. At least it's not overly sweet.

fizz 3

refreshment 2

score 2

sweetness 2

flavor 3


Carbonated water, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, colour (150d), flavour, acidity regulator (330), preservative (211).

Made by

Guangzhou Watsons Food And Beverage Co., Ltd.
No.38, Jinxiu Road, Economic Development Zone
Guangzhou, 510730