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Tai-Sone Sarsaparilla - 台松 黑松沙士


Tai-Sone Sarsaparilla

350 mL can



Hey Song Sarsaparilla was introduced in Taiwan in 1950. Since then many smaller competitors have created their own brands of "Sarsi" packaged in similar-looking brown and gold containers.

In Taiwan a household cure for a cold combines Sarsi drinks made with Mexican sarsaparilla root with salt or raw egg. Tai-Sone seems to have discontinued this product some time after 2004, consigning it to the Island of Forgotten Flavors.


This beverage smells sort of soapy when I open the can. But pouring it into a glass it smells much better, like a root beer! The taste is not as rich or flavorful as a root beer. The drink is not so sweet but more salty.

I think it would be better if it was served colder. Perhaps I didn't chill it enough? It just seems to have a sort of flat tea taste, an over-steeped tea with a slight bitterness clutching the back of my throat. Mostly this drink's strength is its strong aroma of sarsaparilla.

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