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Sunny 10 Orange - 써니텐 블라스트 오렌지


Sunny 10 Orange

250 mL can



Haitai Beverage Co. was established in 1973 as a fruit processor. The company added Sunny 10 drinks to its product line in 1976. The "10" refers to the 10% fruit juice used as an ingredient.

Haitai is the third-largest seller of soft drinks in Korea. The company was purchased by Asahi Brewery in 2004 then sold in 2011 when sales slumped. It is now a subsidiary of LG Household & Health Care, which also owns Coca-Cola Korea Bottling.


Mmm. This smells like orange jelly candy, the kind shaped like little slices of orange, with crushed sugar around the edge for an orange rind and colored sections. Mmmm. I love those things.

The taste is not as drippingly juicy as the smell. Instead it is more sharp, grapefruit-like.

Yes, this is a peppy and stimulating drink. Not very juicy as orange drinks go, but its got the smell of real oranges and the flavor of a mellow grapefruit, which is a pretty good combination.

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Acid, water, sugar, fructose.

Made by

Haitai Beverage Co. Ltd.
917-1, CBS Bldg (17~18TH), Mok-dong
Yangchon-Ku, Seoul