Delicious Sparkling Temperance Drinks




300 mL bottle

4.44 g sugar / oz.



This smells like... tea? Whoa! A very sweet cola. It has a strange fruit-like sweetness. Tastes almost like an energy drink in its sweetness, a very insistent but fizzy and contained kind of sweetness.

There is a slight mintyness to the aftertaste. The fruit flavor is kind of like purple grapes or black currants, a deep, rich rounded sort of fruit flavor. But it has such an odd smell: herbal, fruity, tea-like. The taste is light and very fizzy, but also flowery, fruity, kind of strange.

fizz 3

refreshment 3

score 3

sweetness 4

flavor 4


Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, natural colour & added flavors, Class II preservative.

Made by

Hajoori & Sons
Surat 395 002