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300 mL bottle

2.76 g sugar / oz.



Solo was developed in 1934 by Norwegian importer Torleif Gulliksrud. The syrup flavoring was created in Spain by chemist Dr. Trigo Valencia (creator of Orangina) and originally called "naranjina solo" or "only orange". This inspired the name of this orange soda which contains 8% fruit juice. The drink was first bottled by T√łnsberg Brewery and sold in Norway and Sweden.

Although sales in Sweden were discontinued, the soft drink became a big hit in Norway where it captured 25% of the market by the 1960s. The drink is especially popular at Easter time, both alone and as a mixer. In recent decades it has been surpassed by Coca-Cola and Pepsi sales, but it is still the most popular fruit soda pop in Norway.

In 2004 the brand's parent company Ringnes was bought out by Danish beverage giant Carlsberg, much to the dismay of patriotic Norwegians who found their national drink owned by a foreign multinational, similar to the fate of Inca Kola in Peru. Under new ownership, the brand has updated its label and released new low sugar and fruit variations such as raspberry and rhubarb, so that Solo is no longer a solo flavor.


Smells juicy and fresh (though truthfully I bought the bottle a while ago!) A cloudy orange beverage in a cool tall bottle.

The taste is juicy but not overly sweet. The apple juice flavor adds a mellowness to the sharp orange citrus. Vaguely reminds me of a mellow orange cream soda, a filling and refreshing flavor.

The orange flavor has a hint of bitter citrus at the finish as if there was a small amount of grapefruit in it, but I don't see that listed on the ingredients. All in all a tasty drink and deliciously refreshing!

fizz 3

refreshment 4

score 5

sweetness 2

flavor 4


Water, sugar, apple juice from concentrate, carbonation, citric acid, natural orange flavor, sodium benzoate, ascorbic acid, stabilizer (Guar Gum), color (Beta Carotene).

Made by

Ringnes AS
Pb 7152 Maj.
Oslo 0307