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Skal Mango - スコール


Skal Mango

500 mL bottle

3.85 g sugar / oz.



Skal was created by the Southern Japan Dairy Cooperative in 1972. The name means "squall" or storm and is also the Danish word for a toast: "skål". The clover-shaped logo is meant to reference the Southern Cross, with the small swan representing the star Cygnus which is part of the constellation.

Skal was the first carbonated milk soda introduced in Japan. A year later Calpis also released a carbonated version of its fermented milk drink.


Mmmm, a delicious mango smell to this drink, and the flavor is creamy and cool like a mango milkshake. To be sure, the mango flavor is a tad artificial, like the instant powder flavor of Noon, but along with some sour yogurt creaminess and light carbonation the combination is delicious!

fizz 1

refreshment 4

score 5

sweetness 4

flavor 4


Sugars (sugar, fructose, sugar syrup), powdered milk product, honey, acidulant, flavor, water.

Made by

Southern Japan Dairy Cooperative Co., Ltd.
32 Princess Castle,
Miyazaki, Miyakonojo-Shi (district III)

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