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Sangaria Grape Cream Soda



550 mL bottle

1.30 g sugar / oz.


Despite the brand name and the grapes pictured on the bottle, this drink has no similarity to sangria, the sweet punch made from wine and fruit.

Instead this is smooth and milky and sweet, with a sickly pink watery color. It's a soda in the same vein as Calpis or Milkis, smooth and slightly sour with carbonation, giving it a slight impression of spoiled milk.

This drink tastes like liquid cotton candy, with just a bit of grape bubblegum flavor. The flavor is mellow and relaxed but candy sweet and gooey (in a good way). Not a thirst quencher, this is for those with a sweet tooth.

fizz 1

refreshment 3

score 4

sweetness 4

flavor 4


Sugar, condensed milk, grape juice, fermented milk, citric acid, artificial flavour, natural color. Allergy warning: contains soybean, milk.

Made by

Nakano 4-2-13, Higashisumiyoshi-ku
Osaka 546