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Rosbacher ACE


Rosbacher ACE

500 mL bottle

3.00 g sugar / oz.



Rosbacher is a bottler of mineral water from springs in Rosbach, a town north of Frankfurt, in a region known for its mineral springs. In 2000, after an investigative TV report about several mineral waters including Rosbacher which were high in radium, sales of the brand plummeted. Unfortunately the company had just heavily invested in a new bottling plant, and was unable to weather the sales drop and forced into bankruptcy. Hassia & Luisen, a mineral water bottler since 1864 in the nearby spa town of Bad Vilbel, purchased the brand in 2001 and revived its sales of mineral water and fruit drinks.


A full-bodied fruit juice. Must be the carrot that gives this drink a chunkiness not usually found in an orange juice.

It does have a slight harshness to it, both from lemon acidity at the back of the tongue and carroty bitterness in the after taste. But these don't detract, it just makes the drink seem more nourishing and fulfilling than thirst-quenching. More for the hungry than the thirsty, like a V-8 tomato juice.

If I drink it too fast, its a bit harsh. This is more for sipping or savoring than guzzling.

fizz 0

refreshment 4

score 4

sweetness 2

flavor 5


Natural mineral water, sugar, orange-, carrot-, lemon juice concentrate, vitamin C, preservatives sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, vitamin E, natural flavouring, stabilizer locust bean gum.

Made by

Hassia & Luisen Mineralquellen Bad Vilbel GmbH & Co.
Gie├čener Str. 18-30
61118 Bad Vilbel