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Rosinka Tarragon - Росинка Тархун


Rosinka Tarragon

1.5 L bottle

3.50 g sugar / oz.



Pharmacist Mitrofan Ishino invented the first tarragon flavored sodas in Georgia in 1889. Later Ishino's sodas became a favorite of Soviet leaders and are supposed to have been served at the Yalta peace conference. In 1952, a variety of "Waters Ishino" sodas were given to Harry Truman in thanks for his gift of 2000 bottles of Coca-Cola. By the 1980s tarragon soda became a popular mass-produced drink in the Soviet Union.


This is an odd drink. It has a clean mellow taste like the vanilla flavor in a cream soda, but there's also a celery or aloe-like herbal savory taste, the faint memory of a cup of tea, or the smell of leaves in a damp forest.

Its not overly sweet, and is quite thirst quenching. That tarragon flavor just lingers in the background, like the smell of soap on your hands, or the floury smell of freshly-made play-dough. What a strange soda.

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Prepared water, sugar, citric acid, natrium bensoate, carbon dioxide, "tarragon" drink concentrate.

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