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Rosinka Old Kiev Kvas - Росинка Квас «Український»


Rosinka Kvas

2 L bottle

1.10 g sugar / oz.



Kvas (Квас) is an ancient beverage that has been made for almost 1000 years in Russia and nearby countries. It can be brewed from simple ingredients such as leftover rye bread and yeast, sweetened with sugar, honey, birch sap, berries or fruit. Kvas is similar to the "small beer" made by early American colonists and root beer made by farm families in the U.S. It is mildly carbonated by the yeast fermenting the sugar, but is not aged long enough to become more than slightly alcoholic.

In some cities in the Ukraine vendors sell kvas from small tanker trucks on the street, and homemade concotions are still popular. Nowadays it is also available in 2-liter bottles made in modern mass-production facilities.


Lighter and crisper than the Monastyrskiy kvas I tried earlier. This one has less of the malty rye taste. Its more fruity & light. Almost like a 7up with malt added.

It has a fresh nutty maple taste, light & pleasant.

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refreshment 3

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sweetness 4

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Malt extract, sugar, carbonated water, citric acid, sodium benzoate, flavoring.

Made by

6, Ejene Pottie St.
Kiev 03057 Ukraine