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King Car Root Sars - 金車 麥根沙士

Root Sars


Hey Song Sarsaparilla was introduced in Taiwan in 1950. Since then many smaller competitors have created their own brands of "Sarsi" packaged in similar-looking brown and gold containers.

In Taiwan a household cure for a cold combines Sarsi drinks made with Mexican sarsaparilla root with salt or raw egg.

The King Car Group was established in 1956 by Tian-Tsai Lee as an insecticide manufacturer. Since then, the company has diversified into many other products. King Car Food Industrial Co. Ltd. began in 1979 and the following year released Mr. Brown coffee, the first canned ready-to-drink coffee in Taiwan. In 2005 the company opened the Kavalan distillery, and its whiskies have since won top awards around the world. The distillery offers tours which include a view of the soda bottling lines.


A rich licorice aroma! The taste is dry and somewhat dusty. Full-bodied flavor but sort of thin-tasting on the tongue.

Tastes like an herbal tea, with earthy twigs and bark. If that can be understood as refreshing. It's like fresh licorice: rich and mysteriously earthy. Not a sweet drink at all so it's not so thirst-quenching or refreshing, but it is tasty.

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Made by

King Car Group
No. 326, Section 2, Yuanshan Rd,
Yuanshan Township, Yilan County,
Taiwan 264