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Reggae Style Ginger Beer


Reggae Style Ginger Beer

12 oz. bottle

4.50 g sugar / oz.



A cloudy beverage, gold colored. What a fresh ginger smell, its really refreshing. And spicy and sweet.

Just enough ginger spice to rough up the tongue and bring a flush to the cheeks, but not so much to be too harsh.

All in all, a stimulating drink. Its sweet, a bit like candied ginger in a glass, thick and flavorful.

fizz 3

refreshment 5

score 4

sweetness 2

flavor 4


Carbonated water, sugar and/or corn sweeteners, natural and artificial flavors, citric acid and preserved with sodium benzoate.

Made by

Jamaican Country Style Brand
P.O. Box 113005
Miami Florida 33111