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Napitki iz Chernogolovki Dushes (Pear) - Напитки из Черноголовки Дюшес


Napitki Dushes

330 mL bottle

2.82 g sugar / oz.



Aqualife has been producing soda pops in traditional Russian flavors since 1998 under the brand name Napitki iz Chernogolovki, or "Drinks of Chernogolovka", a town about 30 miles northeast of Moscow known for its science and technology sector.

The drink's name comes from the Dutchess pear variety developed in France and grown in Russia in the Crimea and northern Caucasus mountains. The drink's recipe was developed in the 1950s and was a favorite of Khrushchev.


A sparkling drink that is so light on flavor that it tastes like hardly anything. To be sure, a pear is a delicately flavored fruit, so a pear-flavored soda should also be delicate, mellow and light. But this seems a bit oddly empty. It's got the aroma of vanilla, almost like a cream soda.

A smooth drink, but not too exciting in its shy flavor. Sort of similar to Tarkhun soda, very light in flavor.

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Treated artesian water, sugar, citric acid, nature-identical flavoring substance: Pear-Duches, preservative: Sodium Benzoate, food coloring: Caramel (E150d)

Made by

Aqualife, LLC
Chernogolovka, ul. Soedin
142432, Moscow region

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