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Moûts de P.O.M.


Moûts de P.O.M.

250 mL bottle



Les Moûts de P.O.M. was established in 1994 with an apple orchard in the small town of St-François-Xavier-de-Brompton about 100 miles east of Montreal. The name references the "must" or pressed juice of the apple and the Pommeraie Orford-Magog region where the apples are grown. The company is the largest producer of sparkling apple cider in Canada.

In 2011 the company released a line of fruit sodas in classic cocktail flavors or non-alcoholic "mocktails" under the brand name Xavier and a line of European-style lemonades under the name San Perrio. The original apple cider was rebranded as Xavier Mouts de Pomme with new packaging different from the older bottle shown here.


Appley. Fresh and zesty. It's only apple juice and carbon dioxide, so maybe this is unfair to compare it to soda pops with their added sugar and artificial flavors. But this drink is tasty and deserves a sip!

It's got a lot of strong flavor so a small bottle is all that is necessary. There's a well-balanced mix of sugary sweet full-bodied apples and some tart ones thrown in. The carbon dioxide raises the flavor to the top of the mouth with insistent fizz, not weighed down by heavy syrups or cloying sweeteners. A clean and refreshing beverage!

fizz 3

refreshment 5

score 4

sweetness 4

flavor 4


Apple juice, carbon dioxide

Made by

Moûts de P.O.M. Inc. (Les)
169, Rang 2 Ouest
St-François-Xavier-de-Brompton J0B 2V0 Quebec