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Materva Yerba Mate Soda



12 oz. can

3.33 g sugar / oz.



A golden brown soda. It smells much like a champagne cola and the taste is somewhat akin. No its not really: this tastes like a crisp apple juice, sweet & light. But it has some of the sweet tart taste over that and ends in an earthy bitter flavor – is that the yerba mate flavor?

Its not very fizzy at all. The flavor doesn't have great complexity, mostly just the appley sweet and then the herbal bitterness. Its drinkable but I don't taste much to get excited about it.

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Carbonated water, sugar, corn sweeteners, tartaric acid, extract of mate, caramel colored, other artificial flavors, caffeine, preserved with sodium benzoate.

Made by

Cawy Bottling Co. Inc.
2440 NW 21 Terrace
Miami, FL 33142

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