Delicious Sparkling Temperance Drinks

Grandpa Lundquist Julmust

Sweden / USA

Grandpa Lundquist Julmust

12 oz. bottle


Julmust was created by pharmacist Harry Roberts in 1910 in Örebro as a temperance beverage using a recipe including malt and hops. Over the years it has become a beloved and nostalgic Christmas holiday favorite in Sweden. In fact it is only sold during the winter months. At Easter it is also sold for a short time under a different label as "Påskmust".

Although Julmust is available from several different bottlers, the julmust syrup is still manufactured only by the small company founded by its inventor, Roberts AB. Each bottler adds its own sweeteners or additional ingredients which customizes the drink's flavor. Even today Göran Roberts, the grandson of its inventor, is the only one who knows the secret recipe of the Julmust syrup.

Grandpa Lundquist Julmust is made by Chicago Importing Company in Illinois, presumably from imported julmust syrup.


A rich velvety froth on this drink when poured in a glass. It looks like a malta soda, and I'm looking forward to that thick chocolatey flavor. But the first sip of this is a cola-like fruit sweet drink, sort of like a Pepsi, though its not as carbonated as that cola, so not so sharply fizzy on the tongue.

I had read that Julmust can also be served warm on a cold day like today, so I'll put the rest on the stove. Heating it in a saucepan chased off the rest of the carbonation but its tasty as a warm beverage, with a fruity raisiny flavor vaguely reminiscent of glögg. Its not as sweet or flavorful as a hot apple cider. It seems more of a smell than a taste flavor, but its comforting and warming for a chilly day.

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Made by

Chicago Importing Company
11200 E. Main Street
Huntley, IL 60142