Delicious Sparkling Temperance Drinks

Lucozade Energy Sparkling Glucose Drink



10.6 oz. bottle

6.42 g sugar / oz.



Ugh. This doesn't taste like much of anything. Its sort of salty, like Gatorade with carbonation. There's only slightly more flavor than soda water.

I guess this is one of those drinks one doesn't drink for pleasure but to fulfill a bodily need, like electrolytes or something after an especially sweaty exercise. But definitely not after suffering from diarrhea, there is an explicit warning on the side of the bottle warning against such behavior. Thats not the kind of imagery I want to associate with this beverage, but I guess its already been made!

fizz 2

refreshment 1

score 1

sweetness 3

flavor 2


Carbonated water, glucose syrup (26%), citric acid, lactic acid, flavourings (including caffeine), preservatives (sodium benzoate, sodium bisulphate), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), colour (sunset yellow).

Made by

Stonemason’s Way, Ratharnham
Dublin 16

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