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Lietuviška Gira


Lietuviska Gira

1.5 L bottle

2.25 g sugar / oz.


Gira, or kvas, is an ancient beverage that has been made for almost 1000 years in eastern Europe. It can be brewed from simple ingredients such as leftover rye bread and yeast, sweetened with sugar, honey, birch sap, berries or fruit. Kvas is similar to the "small beer" made by early American colonists and root beer made by farm families in the U.S. It is mildly carbonated by the yeast fermenting the sugar, but is not aged long enough to become more than slightly alcoholic.


This is reminiscent of a spruce sap or birch beer — its sweet but thin on flavor. The drink is sweet on first sip but then finishes with a sour aftertaste. There is very little malt or rye taste, just a slight bitter herbal aftertaste. Mostly it is a light crisp tree sap, maple syrup sort of flavor.

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Water saturated with carbon dioxide, sugar, substance regulating the acidity, citric acid, fragrant substances, conserving agent: sodium benzoate.

Made by

JSC "Naturalios Sultys" Ltd.
LT-80114, Plento 2
Kairiai, Siauliu r