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Kuang Chuan Sarsaparilla - 加鹽沙士


Kuang Chuan Sarsaparilla

350 mL can


Hey Song Sarsaparilla was introduced in Taiwan in 1950. Since then many smaller competitors have created their own brands of "Sarsi" packaged in similar-looking brown and gold containers.

In Taiwan a household cure for a cold combines Sarsi drinks made with Mexican sarsaparilla root with salt or raw egg. Kuang Chuan Dairy seems to have discontinued this product some time after 2004, consigning it to the Island of Forgotten Flavors.


A sweet and light candy-like drink. Its got some bitter flavors but mostly is light and fizzy.

fizz 3

refreshment 3

score 2

sweetness 4

flavor 4



Made by

Kuang Chuan Dairy Ltd.
No. 1249, Daguan Rd.,
Taoyuan County 33742