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Jupi Orange



250 mL bottle

2.75 g sugar / oz.


Jupi was created by the Slovin beverage company in 1968, makers of the popular Slovenian soda Cockta.

After the breakup of Yugoslavia and Slovenia's independence, the brand lost sales and the company declared bankruptcy in 1994. The brand was kept afloat but was fully revived when purchased by Kolinska d.d. in 2000. In 2010 the Croatian conglomerate Atlantic Grupa purchased Kolinska.


This smells so fresh & juicy but the taste isn't quite up to the smell. Its more sour, like plain soda water with some orange peel thrown in. There are floating chunks of pulp even, or sediment, but they're not adding to the flavor. Its zesty & sour lie a grapefruit beverage in a way, but not juicy or super sweet like other orange drinks, such as Royal-Tru Orange.

This doesn't have enough flavor to be an exciting beverage.

fizz 5

refreshment 3

score 2

sweetness 2

flavor 2


Carbonated water, sugar, orange juice from concentrate, citric acid, natural flavours, sodium benzoate, carotene.

Made by

Atlantic Grupa d.d.
Miramarska 23
10000 Zagreb, HR