Delicious Sparkling Temperance Drinks

Garci Crespo Tamarindo


Garci Crespo Tamarindo

370 mL bottle

3.44 g sugar / oz.


A very fizzy beverage. The tamarind flavor gives it a slight vegetabley smell, but the flavor is straight ahead artificial: citric acid sour, light & sweet.

Its much like a light lemon/lime soda but not so zesty. This is a refreshing drink, but doesn't have much flavor.

fizz 5

refreshment 4

score 3

sweetness 4

flavor 2


Carbonated water (water, carbon dioxide), sugar, natural and artificial tamarind flavor, citric acid, FD&C Red No. 40, caramel color and sodium benzoate (preservative).

Made by

Embotelladora Garci Crespo, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Km. 249 Carr. Mexico Tehuacan
Tehuacan, Puebla