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Fayrouz Malt Beverage with Raspberry Flavour - فيروز شراب شعير بنكهة التوت


Fayrouz Raspberry

330 mL can


Al Ahram Beverages has a complex history that traces its origins to the Belgian-owned Crown Brewery which opened in Alexandria in 1897. A decade later it merged with the Pyramids Brewery in Cairo. After merging with several smaller breweries, the company was renamed as Al Ahram Beer Company in 1953. It was forcibly nationalized by the Egyptian government in 1963 and eventually privatized in 1997. In 2002 the brewery was acquired by Dutch multi-national Heineken.

Fayrouz launched a line of lemon and apple-flavored non-alcoholic malt beverages in 1988. The drinks use malt as a flavoring and sweetener, which gives it a beer-like flavor, but they are unfermented, unlike other malt beverages that are brewed and later have their alcohol removed. Other Fayrouz flavors have been added in recent years, including raspberry, mango, peach, pear and pineapple.


At first this smells wonderfully of raspberries, but on closer inspection it reminds me of stale well water.

The taste is an odd combination of sweet and sour. On the first sip I taste the hops of non-alcoholic beer: sour and flatulent. But then the sugar and raspberry flavor kick in and its like a high-powered sweet energy drink. Makes for an unusual drink.

If it wasn't for that rusty stale smell this would be a better drink. The raspberry flavor reminds me of ice cream.

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Malt, carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, raspberry flavour.

Made by

Al Ahram For Manufacturing and Filling Co.
P.O. Box 88