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Egils Maltextrakt


Egils Malt Extract

335 mL bottle



A sweet malt drink. The ingredients list licorice so I was expecting a stronger flavor like the salty licorice candy popular in Scandinavia, but its not as flavorful as the chocalatey malt sodas of Denmark, like Maltex.

Now after several sips I do taste a licorice aftertaste. Sweet and molassesy sugary but it faces to a delicious licorice flavor after you swallow it.

I was disappointed at first that it wasn't a stronger flavor but now after drinking for a while I'm appreciating its subtlety more. Delicious!

fizz 1

refreshment 3

score 4

sweetness 4

flavor 4


Innihald: Vatn, Maltad bygg, sykur, litarefni (E150), lakkris, humlar, ger.

Water, Malted barley, sugar, coloring (E150), licorice, hops, yeast.

Made by

Ölgerðin Egill Skallagrímsson
Grjóthálsi 7-11