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DBH 2% (Drenching Body & Heart) Peach - 2%부족할때



250 mL can


Lotte Chilsung launched the 2% line of energy drinks in five flavors on April 7, 1999. The clear drinks are meant to be healthful because they are 98% water. Currently the drink is available in peach, grapefruit and yogurt flavors.


This drink is perfectly clear and hardly fizzy at all. Smells like pear juice, and thats what it tastes like. Very mild, like flower water.

It's got very little flavor, and just a small amount of syrupy sugar. But why not just drink a glass of water? This isn't much more than water. I wouldn't call this "Drenching", more like "Lightly Misting the Skin"

fizz 0

refreshment 1

score 2

sweetness 3

flavor 1


High fructose syrup, peach concentrated juice, citric acid, dietary fiber, peach flavor, calcium lactate, L-Carnitine

Made by

Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co. Ltd.
269, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu

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