Delicious Sparkling Temperance Drinks




10 mL bottle



This non-alcoholic aperitif was created in 1964 in the northern Italian town of Crodo. The flavor comes from a secret blend of spices such as cardamom, cloves and nutmeg steamed with orange oil and bitter orange peels into a distilled essence. The mixture is aged in oak barrels for six months before spring water, sugar and carbonation are added to make the final beverage.

The company was purchased by Campari in 1995, though the drink is still made in its original location in Crodo using the same water from the Liesel spring.


Pouring the drink into a glass... The aroma doesn't seem so strongly medicinal as a Sanbitter, but the taste is intriguingly herbal and earthy, almost like a gourmet root beer in some slight way. Its not terribly astringent, just enough to perk the senses. A bit like a mellow Moxie in rooty bitterness.

Actually the first impression on the tongue is a candy sweetness then followed by the rooty herbal bitter aftertaste. Its a delightful sensation swing from sweet to bitter with each sip. Best not to rush through too quickly with this beverage, but to savor and enjoy the fully flavor gyrations.

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Acqua, zucchero, infusi di erbe aromatiche ed aromi (incluso chinino), anidride carbonica, acidificante acida citrico, clorura di sodio, coloranti: E150b e E110.

Water, sugar, aromatic herbs and aromas (including quinine), carbon dioxide, citric acid, sodium chloride, dyes: E150B and E110.

Made by

Davide Campari-Milano SpA
Via Fillipo Turati 27
Milan 20121