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Club Lemon


Club Lemon

17.6 oz. bottle

3.66 g sugar / oz.


Smells like cleanser: its very strongly lemon scented. And it tastes lemony too. Sour with a sweet aftertaste.

Despite the harsh smell, the taste is actually pretty mild. The first sip will have you pucker up, but then it seems sweet and mellow and very drinkable.

The tart lemon is making the blood rush to my cheeks, but my tongue isn't so curdled as an especially sour lemonade can do. I like this stuff, its tasty & refreshing.

fizz 2

refreshment 4

score 4

sweetness 3

flavor 4


Carbonated water, sugar, lemon juice from concentrate (8.9%), whole lemons (1.6%), citric acid, preservatives (sodium benzoate, sulphur dioxide), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), sweetener (saccharin), stabilser (guar gum), colour (beta carotene).

Made by

Cantrell & Cochrane
P.O Box 2020
Dublin 10 Ireland

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