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Chiva Cola


Chiva Cola

600 mL bottle

3.25 g sugar / oz.


A fairly typical cola. Sweet w/ a mild burn of carbonation and a fruity edge. Similar to a Pepsi, though not quite as fruity flavored.

I was imagining something a little watery, but this drink is flavorful & refreshing without laying on the syrupiness so common in Latin American sodas. Its sweet, but not overly sweet.

fizz 3

refreshment 4

score 3

sweetness 3

flavor 4


Agua carbonatada, jarabe de fructosa y concentrados.

Carbonated water, fructose syrup and concentrates.

Made by

Omnilife Manufactura S.A. de C.V.
Av. Inglaterra 3089-A, Vallarta Poniente.