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Chin Chin Sarsaparilla with Salt - 親親加鹽沙士


Chin Chin Sarsaparilla

12 oz. can


Hey Song Sarsaparilla was introduced in Taiwan in 1950. Since then many smaller competitors have created their own brands of "Sarsi" packaged in similar-looking brown and gold containers.

In Taiwan a household cure for a cold combines Sarsi drinks made with Mexican sarsaparilla root with salt or raw egg. King Lucky Food Corp offers two versions of sarsparilla: plain or with salt added for a ready-to-drink cold remedy.


Not as sweetened or gooey as Hey Song Sarsaparilla. The flavor is more earthy and slightly bitter.

fizz 3

refreshment 3

score 2

sweetness 4

flavor 4



Made by

King Lucky Food Ind. Corp.
2 Fl., No. 5, Lane 1, Sec. 1, Nanking East Road