Delicious Sparkling Temperance Drinks

Cali Sparkling Pineapple Drink



330 mL can

1.47 g sugar / oz.


I think I shouldn't drink directly from the can — you never know how this can got here, how many pest-infested warehouses it passed through. Hmm, it smells funny: salty & sour. Weird. This doesn't taste like pineapple at all, unless you count that rotten one I ened up with the last time I bought a whole pineapple and let it sit too long.

This tastes like another energy drink. Like a more palatable version of Carabao. Its salty & sour & a bit citrusy just to lift your nose above the sour & whiney aftertaste. Hmmm, the ingredients say this has malt, cereals & hops. I guess that could explain the sour taste, like a really watered down beer (it doesn't really taste anything like beer, but there's a hint of that malty sourness). But that doesn't explain why this doesn't taste anything like pineaple. What a weird soda.

The can says "A splash of tangy, sweet pineapple flavor blended with sparkling, light and bubbly soda, for a truly refreshing drink you can enjoy anytime of the day."

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Water, sugar, malt, citric acid, cereals, artificial pineapple flavor, caramel, acesulfame-K, hops, antioxidant.

Made by

San Miguel Corporation
Manila 1203