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Bingo Cola - Бинго Кола


Bingo Cola

525 mL bottle



The drink is already kind of flat and I just opened it. Sweet and fruity flavors, but not especially interesting. The best part is the little straw which is included inside the bottle, pre-soaked in soda pop! I've never seen other brands packaged like this.

Perhaps this is an old bottle, or else the plastic is just too flimsy to hold carbonation very long. Either way, the flavor is a bit one-dimensional, and not as refreshing as I'd hoped. A bit too watery and sugary.

After sipping a while, I am noticing some subtle flavors of prune or cassis, some berry flavors and a little bitter cola flavor to make it more interesting. But without the carbonation, these flavors are hard to appreciate.

fizz 1

refreshment 2

score 2

sweetness 4

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Water, flavoring base "cola", citric acid, sweetener "Aspasvit Ultra", a preservative: sodium benzoate.

Made by

ul. Baykalskaya, 269